Honeywell Flexguard Ceiling Mount Glass Break Detector 7.6m
(Model: FG1025Z)

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Ceiling mount FlexGuard® Glassbreak sensor with exclusion zone

Key Features:

  • Patented Time-of-Arrival processing with dual microphones improves false alarm immunity in its “Exclusion Zone”
  • Power requirements: 8 ~ 14 Vdc, 25 mA @ 12 Vdc, AC ripple: 4 volts peak to peak at Nominal 12Vdc
  • Four adjustable sensitivity settings
  • 7.6m range / no minimum range
  • Compatible with the FG701 Glassbreak simulator
  • Remote test mode activation
  • Dimensions (ø x d): 108mm x 22.4mm x 23mm