Fever Protection

Fevershield products provide a comprehensive solution to the latest challenges facing business owners safeguarding their staff and clients in the current climate.

Our range of carefully chosen solutions provide contactless temperature measurement, mask detection and capacity control to suit all applications and budgets.

Smart Thermometers provide contactless temperature measurements on a built-in display. They can also provide alerts to users on high temperature readings providing a cost effective entry level solution for small businesses.

Mask and temperature detection access control systems are designed for high footfall areas providing near instant temperature readings and mask detection with audible warnings. 7” LCD display and dual 2MP cameras provide a smart and accurate readings and can be combined with a door release to ensure safety measures are carried out.

Our range of AI IP thermal cameras provides face recognition and temperature detection in a compact and unobtrusive manner. Offering single entrance/exit detection or for open area detection supporting 20 faces simultaneous temperature measurement for small or large businesses.

Our walk-through metal and temperature detector has been adapted to meet the high security and safety needs of large establishments such as airports, governments, food industry to provide 6 zone metal detection and thermal imaging for temperature detection with built-in LCD display while meeting GB15210-2003 international safety standards.

Queue management systems tracks and manages customer levels on a single entrance or up to 256 entrances providing real time occupancy and easy to use traffic light system to ensure public safety and social distancing guide lines are able to be met.

Product Range

Automatic Smart Thermometers

Mask & Temperature Detection Access Control Systems

AI Thermal IP Cameras

Walk Through Detectors

Queue Management Systems