Model: IQR3000D4H
3MP 4 Channel (+2 IP) Hybrid 5in1 H264 DVR, 1 Year Warranty

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4 AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS Camera Inputs
IP Camera Recording (2 Cameras)
3MP Recording Resolution (AHD/TVI/CVI)
5MP Recording Resolution (IP)
H264 Compression
Up to 6TB Recording Capacity
iOS/Android APP 
Windows/OSX Remote Access 
1 Year Warranty  


  • 25fps (Real Time) per camera recording of up to 4 960H Analogue and 720P and 5MP IP cameras.
    14fps per camera recording of up to 4 2MP (1080P) Analogue HD (AHD/HD-TVI/HD-CVI) cameras.
    5fps per camera recording of up to 4 3MP Analogue HD (AHD/HD-TVI/HD-CVI) cameras.
  • In addition to the Analogue HD camera inputs the DVR will record up to 2 ONVIF compatible IP cameras of up to 5MP resolution (1 Camera at 5MP)
  • Records using the more established H264 compression technology which offers great picture quality and small files sizes when compared to older MJPEG compression, allowing double the recording time on a similar sized hard drive.
  • Supports Drop Box or Google Drive for uploading of snap shots or short video clips of motion activated events to your personal online storage account for easy access and sharing of recorded files
  • Uses the latest AI Video Analytics technology to provide:
    Face Detection - Records and recognises authorised and unauthorised faces, and provides notification based on this.
    Perimeter Detection - Detects humans and vehicles that cross trip-wires, providing Ai enabled perimeter protection for minimised false alarms when compared to motion detectors and similar technology.
    Line Crossing - Detects humans and vehicles that cross a pre-defined virtual line, providing AI enabled perimeter protection for high risk areas for instant notifications compared to standard motion detection or sensors
    Stationary Object - Detects objects left over or lost in a pre-defined region which can pose a security risk to safety and can provide notifications
    Pedestrian/Human Detection - Detects the movement of humans in a pre-defined area and provides notifications when the area is entered
    Cross Counting - Counts the number of times moving objects or people cross virtual lines perfect in viewing traffic on walkways or in retail environments
  • Remote viewing App and software for PC,OSX, iOS and Android devices offers live view, playback and configuration of up to 128 devices from anywhere in the world. Using the latest P2P technology for quick and simple network access using the recorders unique P2P ID or scanning of the QR code using your smart devices camera