Elmdene STX 5.8 Amp 24V Switchmode Power Supply
(Model: STX2405-C)

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Elmdene 5.8 Amp 24V Switchmode Power Supply

Key Features:

  • 27.6V DC Output
  • 5.8 Amp (5A + 0.8A Switch Mode)
  • Intelligent Battery Charging and Monitoring
  • Deep Discharge Protection
  • Remote Fault Signalling
  • Full Rated Current to Load Plus Additional Current for Battery charging
  • LED Indication
  • Volt-free Fault Output - EPS: Mains Fail
  • Volt-free Fault Output - PSU Fault: Battery, Charger, Loss of Output
  • Mains Transient Protection
  • Max  2 x 12V 7Ah Batteries
  • EN54-4 Approved