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Artificial Intelligence
Zoom Lens

XVISION®│X4C5000SD33-S5-2T│3 YR WTY. 5MP Speed Dome 5 camera PoE IP CCTV system

Artificial Intelligence
Zoom Lens
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A complete professional CCTV system with free remote viewing and high quality viewing and recording, that is available in wired (PoE) and wireless (Powerline) versions for simple self-installation.

Main Camera Features

  • The 5MP Speed Dome can be remote panned, tilted and zoomed from the recorder or during remote viewing to the exact view required.
  • Auto Tracking mode will identify an object entering the scene and track it until it leaves the scene.
  • 4 tours with 8 presets on each and 1 scan mode
  • A visual deterrent that shows instantly a property is protected by professional CCTV.
  • 33x zoom lens can be adjusted from 2.4 to 56.9°
  • Weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Starlight + 150m Smart IR for clear viewing day or night, even over very long distances.

Main Recorder Features

  • Ultra-reliable recorder for up to 8 cameras with cloud recording support and free remote access from mobile, tablet, pc or mac.
  • Records in 5MP resolution.
  • Available with a choice of 2, 4, 8, 16 or 20TB storage options.
  • Connects directly to TVs and monitors with an HDMI socket.

Main System Features

  • Wired (Poe) and wireless (powerline) versions.
  • Wired versions are supplied with 20m white cable per camera (which connects the camera to the recorder) and wireless versions are supplied with 10m white cable per camera (which connects the camera to the wireless (powerline) adapter. If you require different cable lengths or colours, see our accessories section.
  • Built to last and supplied with a 3 year manufacturers warranty.
  • Free UK based product support.
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