Handsfree Thermometer with integrated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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Records Forehead Temperature of up to 50 Individuals per Minute
Indicator Light & High Temperature Alarm
Non-contact; Saves Time, Avoids Cross-Infection
High temperature measurement accuracy; accuracy tolerance: +/- 0.2 (34 - 45° C)
Powered by USB Type C Cable or 18650 lithium battery (not included)
High-definition display with 5m viewing distance Wall, bracket or tripod mount options
Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (1000ml)
Recommended for Entrances & Exits
1 Year Warranty

  • Records the forehead temperature of up to 50 individuals per minute. An indicator light and high temperature alarm, will effectively and quickly detect individuals with abnormal temperature.
  • Collects temperature data whilst saving valuable time and avoiding crossinfection. The subject can be scanned up to 10 centimetres away from the unit and will instantly be notified of their temperature.
  • Includes an Alarm Output allowing for integration with other systems which allows you to provide an action based on the temperature result such as open a door release, send a notification or other functions depending on the third party equipment.