GUARDIAN - Social Distancing Reminder System

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Helps you maintain a safe social distance from others.

Recommended for
Maintaining social distancing in indoor environments

What is it?

GUARDIAN is a reminder system with breach log that let's you identify individuals who don't follow social distancing guidelines and sends notifications - Monthly Licence.

GUARDIAN-T is a social distancing tag than can be worn with a lanyard or slipped in a pocket providing an audible alert when it comes in close contact with another unit. Battery Operated.

GUARDIAN-W is a social distancing watch that is worn on the wrist. It vibrates when it comes in close contact with another unit. Rechargeable via USB. Available in Blue or Black.

Why it's special
  • Affordable, lightweight tag than can be worn with a lanyard or slipped in a pocket or rechargeable wristwatch
  • The tag version sounds audible alert and the watch vibrates when it comes to close contact with another unit
  • Uses latest in Bluetooth technology
  • Simple set up - no need for any other hardware, infrastructure or connectivity
  • Connect the battery by removing the tab it will begin to look for any other device in the immediate area
  • Adjustable detection area & alert tones
  • Simple to use smartphone APP enables access to record of activations from paired devices


Factories & Warehouses

Where social distancing is difficult to enforce due to local working conditions, the GUARDIAN provides a timely reminder where colleagues inadvertently move too close to each other ensuring safe distances are maintained while at work particularly in public area such as canteens.

Construction Sites

As staff move around the site the GUARDIAN provides a shrill audible alert when they are too close to someone wearing another device loud enough to be heard over background noise.

Restaurants and Bars

Presented to customers on entry it provides reassurance that everyone confirms to the latest guidelines when moving through common areas.


Gives an additional layer of supervision during break times both in the playground & School Canteen providing audible warnings to alert staff if pupils ignore social distancing guidelines.

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