C-TEC 24V 1.5A EN54-4 Switch Mode PSU Metal Enclosure
(Model: BF562-1)

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C-TEC 24V 1.5A EN54-4 Switch Mode PSU Metal Enclosure

Key Features:

  • Certified to EN54-4/A2 by the LPCB and VdS (AFNOR pending).
  • A powerful switch mode/digital hybrid PSU that can be customised to suit your exact requirements.
  • Plastic cover on PSU PCB guards against touching live parts.
  • Includes a single-pole volt free changeover relay that switches for any fault condition.
  • Multiple indicators - supply present, general fault, fault type & aux. equipment fault.
  • Two selectable battery charge currents.
  • Battery fault impedance limits can be optimised to suit load current (helps extend battery life)
  • Mains fail simulation mode.
  • Improved on-board temperature sensor with optional remote sensor.
  • Electronic functions comply with EN50131-6 grades 1-4 for security applications.
  • Ideal for Powering Beam Detectors, Auto-dial Communicators, Aspirating Smoke Detectors, Auto-open Vent Systems, Auxiliary Sounder Systems or Any Other Device Performing a Mandatory Function of a Fire Alarm System