Model: MS-A03
External Corner Bracket

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External Corner Mount Adapter Designed for the Following MILESIGHT Cameras:
       • MS-C5364-PB
       • MS-C8164-PB-J
       • MS-C5364-FPB
       • MS-C8165-PB
       • MS-C8164-FPB
       • MS-C8162-FPB
       • MS-C8262-FP
       • MS-C2962-RELPB
Supports the following MILESIGHT accessories:
       • MS-A41 Speed Dome Wall Mount Bracket (Included with All MILESIGHT Speed Domes)
       • MS-A62 Junction Box
       • MS-A63 Junction Box
       • MS-A71 Wall Mount Bracket
       • MS-A72 Wall Mount Bracket
       • MS-A77 Wall Mount Bracket
Allows Easy Fitting for External Corners of Buildings
2 Year Warranty