OBSERVER - People Counting and Capacity/Flow Control Solution

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Control the flow of people in and out of a building or area.

Recommended for:
Entrances and exits with high volume of traffic.

What is it?

OBSERVER is a single door solution comprising a People Counting Camera & Laptop with Software Module that allows you to regulate the volume of people in any area. Using the dedicated pre-programmed software enables simple set up of area and capacity limit. The powerful GUI indicates the current capacity level and has a traffic light system for easy access.

OBSERVER-CAM allows you to expand your system to include multiple access points. Add one camera for each entry point up to 256.

Main Features

Track and Manage incoming Customer Levels

This Customer Flow Control Kit is easily and quickly deployed and utilises advanced AI technologies to target and count people. It provides provides higher flexibility and accuracy for end-users

Real time occupancy levels will help keep your staff and customers safe

Quickly and easily identify the number of customers on your premises or in your target area. Allow customers to enter or leave one by one when occupancy level is reached.

Set your own occupancy thresholds

The user can set the occupancy threshold for the premises and will allow unrestricted access until the preset value is reached. At this point the system will control the flow of people entering and leaving.

Removes the requirement for staff monitoring of occupancy levels

With real-time video people counting capability enabling occupancy levels on the premises there is no need for staff to be involved in the process. Save Time. Save Money!

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