Honeywell Reson8 Bell Box Body White with Blue Lens
(Model: 8EP420)

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The Reson8 bell box brings together aesthetics and functionality in a product designed to exceed all the requirements of EN50131-4 – Security Grade 2, Environmental Class III.

With fully integrated sounder/strobe, self-activating cut-off timer and twin status indication, your choice of audible/visible warning devices has just been made easier.

Key Features:

  • Dual Anti-Tamper Operation: Tamper Circuitry will Operate if Either the Cover is Opened or the Bell Box is removed from the Wall
  • Integral Battery Backup: With the Integral 12V Ni-Cd Battery, SAB Facility is Available as Standard
  • 115dB Sounder Output: Once Triggered, a Piercing 115dB Siren Sounds, this together with the High-Visibility Xenon Flashes, Provides Both an Audible and Visual Indication of a Break-in
  • Fully Integrated Sounder/Strobe
  • Twin LED Status Indication: Two Internal LEDs, One to Identify That Power is Being Supplied and One to Indicate Tamper Status. LED's can also be set to Alternate for Eye Catching Status Confirmation
  • Sounder Timer Selection: Can be Configured to Reset Itself After a Preset Time Interval to Avoid Noise Pollution. An Additional Test Mode Allows short Alarm Bursts (Lasting 5 Seconds) When Testing the Alarm Operation During Commissioning
  • Self-Activating Cut-off Timer