Ring Alarm Keypad

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Keeping you within reach of your Ring alarm system

Add Alarm Keypads to your second floor, garage and other areas to easily arm and disarm your Alarm system while indoors


  • Easy to Mount or Use as a Portable Keypad
  • Dual Power Options (Battery or Plug-in)
  • Audio Alert When You Alarm is Triggered
  • Selectable Security Modes
  • Requires Ring Alarm Base Station



Activate your home security

Easily arm and disarm your Alarm system with the Alarm Keypad and choose one of three security modes to match your needs: Disarmed, Away and Home. In case of an Alarm event you can also sound the siren manually with Panic Mode using your Keypad or via the Ring app. Or arm your Alarm in Away Mode to sound the siren automatically if an intruder enters your home.

  • Requires the Ring Alarm Base Station
  • Easy to mount or use as a portable keypad
  • Dual power options (battery and plug in)
  • Gives off audio signal when your Alarm is triggered

A versatile and reliable solution

The Keypad plugs into standard UK power sockets and includes a rechargeable battery that keeps your Keypad active even if the power goes out. Its versatile mounting bracket lets you easily set up your Keypad on a wall or on tabletops with an angled view.



14.9x10x2.3 cm (5.87x3.94x0.91 in)

Available Colours


Security Modes

Choose between three security modes: Home, Away and Disarmed. With “Home”, activate select Alarm sensors to give you maximum flexibility. “Away” activates all your sensors to protect your home while you’re out and about. “ Disarmed” deactivates all your sensors and allows you to move freely throughout the house


AC Adapter, Rechargeable Battery Included


Z-Wave (76 metre range to Base Station)


Mounting – Wall mount with quick-release bracket or place it on any flat surface

Setup Requirements

Ring Alarm Base Station (sold with Alarm Security Kit)

Operating Conditions

0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)


1 Year Warranty