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All-In-One Website

Y3K Unveils All-In-One Website for Advanced Security Solutions

Y3K, a pioneer in the security technology industry, has launched its new website, presenting a holistic range of cutting-edge smart security solutions for homes, businesses, and commercial applications. With an experience spanning over two decades and a recent strategic pivot guided by its founder Paul Singh, the Surrey and Northamptonshire-based firm aims to redefine the future of asset protection and smart security.

Expanded Product Offerings

The heart of Y3K’s new website features an extensive portfolio, which covers everything from home security products to IoT software solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes. Central to its offerings is the Xvision® AI CCTV range which caters to professional domestic and commercial applications, offering features like AI analytics, face and number plate recognition, and a 3-year warranty on most models.

Not Just Security, But Asset Protection

Returning from the USA after a landmark $200 million deal, Paul Singh has reshaped the company’s mission to align with emerging technologies. “The security market is undergoing transformative changes with AI and cloud services,” said Singh. “Our new focus is on holistic asset protection. By integrating this with our AI and IoT solutions, we open new opportunities for both our longstanding and new customers.”

Y3K’s revamped focus is evident in its comprehensive product range, encompassing Smart Home systems, Intruder Alarms, Heating Control, Vehicle Security, Tracking, Telematics, and more. It’s a 3D approach in an increasingly interconnected 2D world.

A One-Stop Shop for All Security Needs

Aside from its in-house brands like IQCCTV®, Xvision®, and SMART-I, Y3K also offers products from renowned names such as MILESIGHT and DAHUA. The company is establishing itself as the go-to platform for resellers and installers throughout the UK, offering a one-stop shop for state-of-the-art security solutions.

“With the newly launched website, we’ve worked tirelessly to curate and introduce new products and services that leverage our expertise gained over the past two decades,” remarked Singh.


Whether you’re looking to secure domestic and commercial premises or seeking advanced, AI-powered asset protection solutions for your business, Y3K’s new website is the gateway to a safer future. With Paul Singh back at the helm, the company is set to remain at the forefront of technological advancements, offering innovative, reliable, and comprehensive solutions for a wide range of security and asset protection needs.

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