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MILESIGHT®│MS-N8064-UH│3 YR WTY. 64 Channel NVR *Special order - refund/exchange not possible. 3-5 days lead time

MSRP £1,434.00
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Hard Drive

64 Channels for Cameras, 8MP (4K) Recording Resolution, H265+ Compression, Bandwidth of up to 320Mbps, Storage Capacity up to 80TB, Independent Monitor Outputs, RAID, N+1 Hot Spare, AI Video Analytics, iOS/Android App, Remote Access on Windows/OSX, and a 3 Year Warranty - *special order item*, usually ships in 3-5 days.


  • Records 64 IP cameras up to 8MP (4K) resolution
  • Records using the latest H265+ compression technology which offers better picture quality and 50% smaller files sizes when compared to standard H264 compression, allowing double the recording time on a similar sized hard drive.
  • Synchronous playback
    8MP (4K) 2 cameras at 30fps, 6MP 5 cameras at 30fps, 5MP 6 cameras at 30fps, 4MP 8 cameras at 30fps, 3MP 10 cameras at 30fps, 2MP 16 cameras at 30fps, 720P 32 cameras at 30fps
  • Independent monitor outputs allows you to select channels you wish to display on each monitor on two separate monitor outputs, this allows easy monitoring in different locations
  • This NVR supports advanced features such as:
    ANR - Automatic network replenishment can automatically store video data on the camera micro SD card when communication from the camera and NVR is lost, once the connection is restored the recorded footage is transferred to the NVR so there is no loss of video recordings
    Smart VCA Management - Allows for configuration and event search of the MILESIGHT camera video analytics
    ANPR Management - Provides easy monitoring and review of stored number plates
    Advanced Function Management - Allows access to a wide range of camera functions such as PTZ/Fisheye auto tracking, PTZ manual control, heat map and fisheye dewarping.
    RAID - Preconfigured with industry-standard RAID levels0/1/5/6/10 which can be configured based on specific redundancy and performance requirements to ensure no loss of data (200Mbps Bandwidth when using RAID)
    N+1 Hot Spare - Designed for when 24/7 CCTV is critical and for maximum reliability when a master NVR fails; the slave NVR will replace it to keep the system recording and sends the data back when the master NVR recovers giving you peace of mind
  • Remote viewing App and software for PC,OSX, iOS and Android devices offers live view, playback and configuration of up to 64 devices from anywhere in the world. Using the latest P2P technology for quick and simple network access using the recorders unique P2P ID or scanning of the QR code using your smart devices camera



Recording Times

24 Hour


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