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smart-i® | T100P | 2 YR WTY. 4G OBD Tracker

  • Unit price per 

What is it?

  • Plug-in tracker that plugs into car/van OBD sockets; built-in backup battery for continuous operation and alerts when unplugged or OBD power is off. 

How is it powered?

  • 9 to 36V DC power source via OBD
  • 100mAh backup battery

What is the power consumption?

  • Dormant: 7mA
  • Can remain dormant for 24 hours using built-in battery
  • Operating: 29mA
  • Runs for 3 hours on built-in battery

Is it suitable for outdoor use?

  • No, install inside vehicle only


  • Cars and Vans (up to 7.5T)

Cloud Software & App

  • Included with the unit is smart-i® cloud software. This powerful software is securely hosted online and accessible from anywhere that you have an internet connection from any compatible device, desktop or mobile.

Pricing & Ordering

T100P and smart-i® Standard cloud software, includes mobile data.

  • T100P-S1, T100P & 1 month of smart-i® Standard software
  • T100P-S3, T100P & 3 months of smart-i® Standard software
  • T100P-S12, T100P & 12 months of smart-i® Standard software £call
  • then £4.99 a month

T100P and smart-i® Professional cloud software, includes mobile data.

  • T100P-P1, T100P & 1 month of smart-i® Professional software
  • T100P-P3, T100P & 3 months of smart-i® Professional software
  • T100P-P12, T100P & 12 months of smart-i® Professional software £call
  • then £9.99 a month

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T100P Datasheet