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Protect your driveway with AI CCTV

To safeguard vehicles and homes against theft, vandalism, and break-ins, a comprehensive security approach is pivotal. CCTV systems play a significant role in this, deterring potential criminals with constant surveillance, and reducing the likelihood of targeting.

However, the effectiveness of CCTV systems extends beyond simple deterrence. With features like remote access, property owners can respond instantly to suspicious activities, alerting authorities or intervening as required, thereby curtailing potential crimes in real-time.

Moreover, CCTV systems assist in post-crime scenarios. They aid law enforcement in identifying and apprehending culprits, serving as crucial pieces of evidence. Additionally, recorded footage can substantiate insurance claims, bolstering investigations and strengthening cases.

As a recognised leader in security solutions, we understand that driveway protection is a priority for our customers. With threats escalating, we are more committed than ever to equip you with robust, tailored solutions.

Based on budget considerations and desired features, we’ve identified three of our most popular, high-performing security systems for your driveway:

Xvision AI CCTV Range
XVISION® │ X5C8000AD-W-S1-1T │ 3 YR WTY.
4K Active Defence Full Colour Mini Dome 1 camera PoE IP CCTV system
SKU: X5C8000AD-W-S1-1T
Reseller pricing on request
High-quality, professional CCTV system with free remote viewing, available in wired or wireless (powerline) versions for easy self-installation.
• 4K (8MP) Mini Dome camera with AI detection of pedestrians, vehicles, perimeter intrusion
• Active Defence feature for crime deterrence with alert LEDs and alarms
• Compact, weatherproof, with wide 92° viewing, suitable for all applications
• Clear day/night viewing with IR, Colour Night View and two-way communication
• Reliable 4-camera AI recorder with 4K (8MP) resolution and 1TB to 10TB storage options
• Wired or wireless (powerline) versions with respective cabling included
• Durable with a 3-year warranty and free UK-based support.
Optional accessories and additional cameras for added convenience and customisation available.
5MP White LED Mini Dome 1 camera HD CCTV System
SKU: IQC5000VC-W-S1-1T
Reseller pricing on request
Plug-and-play wired HD CCTV system with free remote viewing for easy self-installation.
• 5MP White LED Mini Dome Camera with 20m night vision and Starlight sensor
• Indoor/outdoor-ready with 89° wide angle lens
• 4 (HD) + 2 (IP) channel HD DVR with 5MP resolution, H265 compression, and up to 8TB capacity
• Free, secure iOS/Android/Windows/OSX app for live view and playback
• AI video analytics (one channel only) and 4 audio inputs
• Comes with 18m black cable per camera and multi-output power supply
• Quality guaranteed with 2-year warranty and free UK-based support.
Smart LED Floodlight with integrated Wi-Fi camera
SKU: IQC5000VC-W-S1-1T
Reseller pricing on request
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. A compact smart LED floodlight & Wi-Fi camera combo with 2-way audio, IR night vision, and manual/auto floodlight control via SMART LIFE® app.
• Wi-Fi 2.4GHz connectivity
• 2MP sensor for high-resolution images, 90° wide-angle lens
• 15W LED security floodlight (equals 150W halogen), activated by motion, schedule, or sunset/sunrise
• 20m IR Night Vision
• Integrated mic for audio recording, speaker for communication
• Instant motion detection alerts
• Compatible with Alexa & Google Home
• Built-in microSD slot, optional cloud recording from £3.49/month.

Enhance your existing CCTV system with Invisilight smart lighting. Gain movement notifications and colour night viewing, further fortifying your driveway’s security.

Smart Invisible Floodlight available in black or white
Reseller pricing on request

Beyond CCTV, there are multiple strategies to enhance your driveway and home security. Let’s delve into some of these essential tips to fortify your property against potential threats.


Install a robust CCTV system: Visible cameras can deter criminals, while also providing valuable footage should an incident occur. Some CCTV systems offer remote access, motion detection, and alerts to your smartphone.


Use security lighting: Motion-activated lights can deter potential thieves by illuminating your driveway when movement is detected.


Install a driveway alarm: This can alert you when someone enters your driveway, providing an early warning system for potential threats.


Secure your vehicle: Always lock your vehicle and don’t leave valuables visible inside it. Consider a steering wheel lock or immobiliser for added protection.


Install a security gate: A locked gate can be a strong deterrent for car thieves or burglars.


Plant defensive shrubs: Thorny bushes near windows or walls can deter intruders.


Use window and door sensors: These can alert you or a security company if a break-in attempt is made.


Keep the property well-maintained: A well-kept property can suggest that it’s well-secured, deterring potential thieves.


Neighbourhood Watch: Participating in a local neighbourhood watch scheme can help deter criminals and keep your property safe.


Don’t advertise your absence: If you’re away, use timers for lights and radios to give the impression someone is home.

Each of these tips can significantly enhance the security of your driveway and home, and reduce the risk of car theft, vandalism, and break-ins.