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INVISILIGHT®│INVISILIGHT-W│2 YR WTY. Smart Invisible Floodlight (White)

Almost invisible design. 6 activation modes. Smart control via app.
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Unlike traditional floodlights that are bulky and dated in design, the groundbreaking INVISILIGHT® smart security floodlight is designed to be almost invisible when not in use, taking nothing away from the beauty of the property it is being fitted to and still delivering a similar level of light. The unique design makes it suitable for covert lighting applications too.


  • Connects to your internet connection over Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and can be setup and controlled by the SMART LIFE® app.
  • Ultra bright A++ LEDs provide 1400 lumens light output (equivalent to 100W Halogen) light output.
  • Wide spread of light (90° vertical x 120° horizontal).
  • Light level is adjustable from the SMART LIFE® app.
  • 6 lighting modes:
Automatic (PIR) - The light will turn on when the integrated digital PIR with a 9m detection range (90° vertical x 100° horizontal) detects movement. After a preset time (adjustable from the the SMART LIFE® app) the light will turn off.
Automatic (Scenarios) - The light will turn on or off as part of a scenario in the SMART LIFE® app.
Automatic (Schedule) - The light can be turned on or off according to the time of day or by sunset / sunrise.
Automatic (Light Sensor) - The light has an integrated light sensor and can turn on automatically according to the ambient light level that you set from the app.
Manual - Can be turned on/off in the SMART LIFE® app.
Slight Bright - The light will stay at a reduced light level (adjustable from the the SMART LIFE® app), until any of the above modes are triggered (which can then be at a brighter light setting) and then after a preset time (adjustable from the the SMART LIFE® app) go back to the reduced light level.
    • Adjustable light-on time from 5 seconds to 1 hour or continuous.
    • Instant notifications on the SMART LIFE® app when motion is detected.
    • Always flashing small blue warning LED acts as a deterrent to intruders at night.
    • Alexa and Google compatible, turn the light on/off using your voice.
    • Low voltage, low energy design, runs on 12V DC at 1A (power supply included).
    • 3m DC cable +1.2m mains cable included (extension lead available separately) plus a pair of male/female connectors with screw terminals for extending the DC cable if required are included free.
    • 2x stainless steel fixing clips and screws included.
    • 30,000 Hours LED life - over 20 years at 4 hours per night.
    • IP65 weatherproof rating.
    • Aluminium alloy construction.
    • Available in Black or White finish.
    • Can be mounted directly next to, above or below another Invisilight to increase light coverage.
    • 2 Year Warranty.

    All of the above features from a device that measures just 30x30x480mm!

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