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MILESIGHT®│MS-C2966-X12RLVPC│3 YR WTY. 2MP AI+ Radar LPR Pro Bullet IP CCTV Camera *Special order - refund/exchange not possible. 3-5 days lead time

MSRP £1,425.00
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This 2MP AI+ Radar LPR Pro Bullet IP CCTV Camera enables License Plate Recognition and features a 5.3-64mm (5-61°) 12x Motorised Auto Focus Lens, a high Frame Rate (60fps), a 180m Smart IR Night Vision and Starlight Technology. It also includes Audio Input/Output and Alarm Input/Output, a 140dB Wide Dynamic Range, AI Video Analytics, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It offers PoE (Power Over Ethernet) or 12V DC and comes with a 3-Year warranty. *Special Order Item*, usually ships in 3 to 5 days.

  • 2MP Imaging Sensor providing high resolution images and high frame rate (up to 60fps) for license plate recognition, at a cost effective price.
  • 5.3 to 64mm Motorised Auto Focus Lens for adjustable viewing angles between 5° and 61° viewing angle, allowing you to select the perfect viewing angle for your application. The viewing angle can be adjusted from a Milesight NVR and from the Milesight APP connected to a Milesight NVR or the camera directly.
  • 180m Smart IR Night Vision which ensures brightness uniformity in low illumination and adjusts to the intensity of the camera's infrared LEDs, to compensate for the distance of an object, preventing the infrared LEDs from over-exposing objects close to the camera.
  • Starlight Super Low light Imaging Sensor for clear images in Colour at light levels down to 0.005 Lux
  • 120dB Wide Dynamic Range for clear viewing of foreground objects against bright backgrounds.
  • Audio input for recording sound
  • License plate recognition allows the camera to capture real-time license plate in both the highest levels of glare and in complete darkness while comparing them to a white or black list. Actions can then take place such as generating an alert once the plate has been recognised. The camera can capture moving vehicles up to 200km/h (124mph). In additional to this the camera also has an alarm input and output to support the uses of gates or barrier systems.
  • Uses the latest AI Video Analytics technology to provide:
    Region Entrance/Exit - Detects objects, humans and vehicles entering or exiting a pre-defined zone and provides notifications when required
    Advanced Motion Detection - Detects movement and will trigger an alarm while filtering out false alarms such as lighting changes and movement caused by external elements such as wind
    Tamper Detection - Sends an instant notification if the camera has been unplugged or the lens has been covered to obscure its view
    Line Crossing - Detects humans and vehicles that cross a pre-defined virtual line, providing AI enabled perimeter protection for high risk areas for instant notifications compared to standard motion detection or sensors
    Loitering - Can provide a notification for sensitive areas where objects are in a defined area for a period of time
    Human Detection - Can detect human movement in a monitored area, this function can also show the tracks of a moving person in the cameras image
    People Counting - High accuracy and real-time people counting which offers statistic reports for further analysis to help manage pedestrian traffic or used for marketing in retail environments
    Object Left/Removed - Provides notifications on objects left or removed from a pre-defined area for a set period of time for high risk areas securing the publics safety
  • The camera can be used inside or outside and is IP67 rated
  • The camera features a 3-axis adjustment for flexible mounting a wall or ceiling. A range of brackets offering additional mounting options are available as accessories.




CE, FCC, LVD, RoHS, UL, EN-50155



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