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smart-i® | V100 | 2 YR WTY. 4G Camera Tracker

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What is it?

  • Simple answer? Tracker and Camera in one unit. Detailed answer… a powerful video telematics camera with optional AI powered ADAS.

What does it do?

  • Records the driver view of the road, providing evidence of what happened before and during an accident and footage of driving events that can be used for driver training.
  • Built-in G-sensor detects harsh driving and accidents sending video and alerts to the cloud automatically
  • Optional AI powered ADAS provides real time driver feedback of:
    • Forward Collision Warning: Alerts driver of a potential rear-end collision
    • Forward Proximity Warning: There's an object in the forward proximity
      and a collision is possible (at low speeds)
    • Lane Departure Warning: The vehicle crosses a solid lane line on either
      side of the road
    • Forward Vehicle Start Alert: The vehicle in front begins to move while
      the vehicle remains stopped

How is it installed?

  • Mounted near the middle at the top of the windscreen
  • Connects to OBD socket or can be wired to battery and ignition switched feed

    Cloud Software & App

    • Included with the unit is smart-i® cloud software. This powerful software is securely hosted online and accessible from anywhere that you have an internet connection from any compatible device, desktop or mobile.

    Pricing & Ordering

    V100 and smart-i® Standard cloud software, includes mobile data.

    • V100-S1, V100 & 1 month of smart-i® Standard software
    • V100-S3, V100 & 3 months of smart-i® Standard software
    • V100-S12, V100 & 12 months of smart-i® Standard software £call
    • then £4.99 a month

    V100 and smart-i® Professional cloud software, includes mobile data.

    • V100-P1, V100 & 1 month of smart-i® Professional software
    • V100-P3, V100 & 3 months of smart-i® Professional software
    • V100-P12, V100 & 12 months of smart-i® Professional software £call
    • then £9.99 a month

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    V100 Datasheet