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Lower costs, boost efficiency

Track your vehicles, protect your assets and improve driving standards, the smart(i) way.

ABOUT smart-i®

Introducing smart-i® by Y3K – the next generation of asset and vehicle management, now within easy reach for every business. We’ve merged cutting-edge, award-winning hardware with a robust cloud platform to offer a solution that’s not just advanced, but also surprisingly affordable.

smart-i® is designed for simplicity and effectiveness, offering comprehensive tracking and protection for your assets and fleet. With our intuitive platform, managing your assets and fleet becomes effortless and efficient, empowering you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Start with Award-winning Hardware

Experience unparalleled performance with smart-i® – where award-winning hardware meets innovative design.

Our comprehensive range of tracking and telematics devices is engineered to deliver reliability and efficiency, earning us acclaim in the industry. Pictured is our full suite of products, each crafted to exceed the demands of modern asset and vehicle management. From robust GPS trackers to advanced AI dashcams, our hardware is the foundation of a smarter, more secure fleet. Choose smart-i® for a winning combination of quality and advanced technology.

Flexible Software that Grows with your Business

Discover the power of adaptability with smart-i® cloud software – your partner in scalable asset and vehicle management. Our intuitive platform is designed to evolve in sync with your business needs. Whether you’re monitoring a small fleet or managing a vast array of assets, our cloud solution offers real-time data, insightful analytics, and seamless integration. With smart-i®, you gain the flexibility to expand your capabilities, streamline operations, and drive business growth without ever missing a beat.

AI Dashcams: Intelligence on Board

Elevate your fleet’s intelligence with smart-i® AI Dash cams. These advanced cameras don’t just record – they analyse and protect. Featuring cutting-edge AI technology, they provide critical insights into driver behaviour, offer real-time alerts, and enhance road safety. With high-resolution footage and intelligent event categorisation, our dash cams are the vigilant co-pilots that help prevent incidents before they happen.

Asset and Fleet Visibility

Gain unprecedented clarity with smart-i®. Our comprehensive tracking solutions reveal the whereabouts and status of every asset and vehicle in your fleet. Enjoy real-time location updates, usage reports, and journey history, all accessible through our cloud-based platform. With complete visibility, you’re empowered to make informed decisions that keep your fleet running smoothly and your assets hard at work.

Drive Productivity Upward

Boost your business productivity with smart-i®. By streamlining operations and reducing downtime, our platform helps you achieve more each day. Detailed analytics and reporting tools measure performance and identify areas for improvement, while automated alerts and workflows ensure your fleet operates at peak efficiency. smart-i® turns potential into progress.

Optimisation: Your Route to Savings

Optimise your operations with the precision of smart-i®. Our platform is engineered to fine-tune your fleet performance, ensuring every route, stop, and idle is as efficient as possible. From fuel consumption to driving style, smart-i® provides actionable insights that drive cost savings and operational excellence, putting you ahead of the curve.


Prioritise safety with smart-i®’s proactive measures. Our solutions are designed to safeguard your drivers and assets, providing peace of mind with every journey. Utilising advanced sensors and analytics, we detect and address potential risks, ensuring compliance and fostering a culture of safety that resonates across your entire fleet.


Advance your commitment to sustainability with smart-i®. Our eco-friendly approach to fleet management helps reduce your carbon footprint. With smart-i®, you’re not just saving on costs; you’re contributing to a greener planet by operating a more environmentally responsible fleet.

Ready to drive your business forward?

Discover how smart-i® can transform the management of your assets and fleet. Our specialists are ready to show you how easy it is to monitor and manage your assets, with precision and ease.

During your bespoke virtual demo, our experts will:


Discuss your specific system requirements.


Match the precise software features and hardware suited to your needs.


Showcase the capabilities of the smart-i® cloud platform.


Advise on the seamless integration of smart-i® into your daily operations, detailing the advantages.

Give your business the edge it needs by booking your live demo now and experience the smart-i® advantage.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way.