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Advanced technology.

For superior tracking and more.

smart-i® HARDWARE

Step into the realm of unparalleled precision and reliability with smart-i® - where advanced technology meets superior tracking and more. Our state-of-the-art tracking, telematics and AI dashcams are engineered to provide optimum performance 24/7/365.

These devices are more than just trackers; they’re intelligent solutions that offer a robust and comprehensive approach to monitoring your vehicles and assets. With next generation connectivity for real-time data at your fingertips, powerful features and a suite of smart apps, smart-i® is transforming the landscape of asset and fleet tracking.

Plug-In Precision for Your Fleet

Introducing the smart-i® T100P 4G OBD Tracker – your plug-in solution for sophisticated fleet tracking.

Effortlessly install this compact device into any vehicle’s OBD port for high-accuracy GPS monitoring and seamless cloud connectivity.

Key features:
Simply plug into your vehicle’s OBD port and you’re set – no tools, no fuss.
Powered directly from your vehicle with a 100mAh backup battery so it can send you alerts if it is unplugged during use.
Suitable for cars and vans up to 7.5T, this tracker is as versatile as your business needs.

Ultimate Reliability for Your Assets and Fleet

Presenting the smart-i® T100W 4G Wired Tracker – our flagship wired tracker, perfect for a wide array of vehicles and assets including bikes and electric vehicles.

This best-selling device ensures constant tracking with its backup battery and remote immobilisation capability, even in hybrid and electric vehicles.

Key features:
Easy setup with 2-wire connection for power or 3-wire for power/ignition connections, catering to diverse tracking needs.
Compact form with high-grade IP65 casing suitable for all environments, from urban to rural.
With a built-in battery for backup, stay assured of continuous monitoring.

Rapid, Versatile Tracking on the Go

Explore the smart-i® T100M 4G Portable Tracker – our most versatile and lightweight portable tracker designed for a multitude of assets and vehicles.

With its powerful magnetic base and extended battery life, this tracker ensures your assets are monitored effectively, wherever they are.

Key features:
Effortless to attach with a magnetic base, perfect for quick and secure placement on any asset.
Equipped with a 3000mAh battery, offering up to 62 hours of operation and 7 days in standby mode.
Small in size but big on performance, with an IP65 rating making it suitable for tough environments.
Continuous, periodic, or vibration-triggered operation modes to suit your tracking needs.

Advanced Long-Term Monitoring Anywhere

Meet the smart-i® T150M 4G Portable Tracker Pro – a powerhouse in portable tracking.

Designed for endurance and performance, this tracker goes beyond standard tracking with its extended battery life and environmental sensing capabilities.

Key features:
With a 10000 mAh battery providing up to 129 hours of operation and 3 months in standby, ready to perform when you need it.
A magnetic base allows for flexible mounting options on any asset, in any location.
Equipped with temperature and humidity detection for comprehensive asset monitoring.
Ready for the outdoors, it's built to withstand dust and water exposure.
Multiple operating modes adapt to your monitoring style – whether it's constant, periodic, or triggered by vibration or light.

Covert Tracking, Universal Compatibility

Introducing the smart-i® T100C 4G Vehicle Tracker & USB Charger – a versatile vehicle tracker that doubles as a USB charger.

Its universal design is perfect for any vehicle, including electric models without OBD ports, offering a covert tracking solution that blends seamlessly into your dashboard.

Key features:
Ideal for traditional and electric vehicles alike, ensuring you’re never without tracking capability.
Simply plug into the 12V accessory socket for a hidden tracking setup with no professional help needed.
Disguised as a common USB charger, it provides stealthy surveillance without drawing attention.
Power your devices while the integrated tracker keeps a vigilant eye on your vehicle's whereabouts.
Plug-and-play with no complex wiring required, making it accessible for anyone to install.
Built-in battery offers disconnection alerts, providing an added layer of security.
Designed for the discreet monitoring of vehicles, offering peace of mind in a compact, inconspicuous package.

The Ultimate Road Guardian

Embrace comprehensive driving intelligence with the smart-i® V100 4G AI Dashcam.

This powerful device is a game-changer for fleet safety, combining tracking capabilities with advanced driver assistance features in one compact unit.

Key features:
Equipped with an Advanced Driver Assistance System, the V100 provides real-time feedback and warnings for forward collision, lane departure, and proximity alerts, enhancing driver awareness and preventing potential incidents from happening.
A built-in G-sensor captures important driving events, offering valuable insights for driver training and incident analysis.
Effortlessly mount the V100 on the windscreen and connect it to your vehicle’s OBD socket, or opt for a hardwired connection, ensuring minimal downtime and easy scalability across your fleet.
Stay informed with cloud software integration, allowing for live and historical data access via desktop and mobile applications, complete with geofencing and alert management.
Receive instant notifications for speed, geofencing, and driving patterns, and share crucial location data with stakeholders in a single click through the app's shield function, which alerts if a vehicle is moved once armed.
With the smart-i® V100 installed, drivers are not just monitored but actively supported to make safer decisions, while fleet managers gain a bird's-eye view of operations and behavioural insights, all leading to a safer, more efficient fleet.

Road Safety Meets AI Vigilence

Introducing the smart-i® V200 4G AI Dashcam Pro, the epitome of advanced telematics for comprehensive fleet management and safety.

With its dual-camera system, the V200 4G AI Dashcam Pro captures every detail on the road and inside the vehicle, offering an all-encompassing view of driver and fleet operations.

Key features:
Provides high-definition road view and interior footage, ensuring full visibility of driving conditions and driver actions.
Equipped with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Driver State Monitoring (DSM), the V200 4G AI Dashcam Pro actively warns the driver of potential hazards like forward collisions, lane departures, and monitors for signs of distraction, fatigue, and prohibited activities such as smoking.
The device's straightforward setup promotes easy installation, plugging directly into the vehicle's OBD socket or can be hardwired, fitting seamlessly within any fleet vehicle.
Instant notifications and email alerts for speeding, geofencing breaches, and driver behaviour are sent directly to fleet managers, with critical alerts also delivered to drivers, prompting immediate corrective actions to enhance safety.
Designed for durability, the V200 4G AI Dashcam Pro operates reliably under various driving conditions, contributing to improved driver compliance and safer driving practices.
The V200 4G AI Dashcam Pro's cloud connectivity offers live and historical data via a desktop software and a powerful iOS/Android app, allowing for strategic geofencing, and providing actionable insights into fleet operations.
By equipping your fleet with the smart-i® V200 4G AI Dashcam Pro AI Dashcam, you empower your drivers with real-time feedback for immediate behavioural adjustments, while providing fleet managers with the tools needed for meticulous oversight and enhanced operational efficiency.

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