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Effortless Brand Integration

Transform smart-i®’s advanced platform into a seamless extension of your brand identity. Our white-label solution empowers you to present a cohesive brand experience to your customers, with a platform that is customisable to your company’s visual identity, enhancing your market presence and fostering client trust.

Market-Ready Out of the Box

Launch your branded software swiftly, bypassing lengthy development cycles. With our white-label solution, your business gains a market-ready product, tested and user-approved, without incurring the costs and delays of building from the ground up.

Device-Agnostic Platforms: Total Flexibility in White-Label Solutions

Our white-label solution extends beyond software to include a versatile range of powerful hardware, adaptable to a diverse array of devices. This device-agnostic approach ensures you can cater to a wider client base, offering a tailored experience that can evolve with market demands.

Pioneer New Horizons with smart-i®

With smart-i® White-Label solutions, explore new markets and diversify your product line. Our robust platform and versatile hardware positions you at the forefront of the burgeoning tracking and telematics sector, ready for growth and innovation.

Capitalise on a Growing Market

The telematics and asset tracking industry is set for substantial growth over the next five years. Leverage this projected expansion with smart-i®, leading the market with innovation and a brand that embodies quality and reliability.

Financial Freedom and Stability

The smart-i® White-Label programme is your ally in securing a robust financial future. As you tap into the telematics market’s potential, you’re building a sustainable source of revenue that supports your business’s growth and stability.

smart-i® is more than a technology provider; we are partners in establishing a stable, recurring revenue stream that can serve as the foundation for your business’s long-term financial planning.

Full-Service Platform Management

Benefit from a full-fledged platform without the need for an in-house support team. Our comprehensive white-label package includes ongoing updates, feature enhancements, and dedicated support, allowing you to stay agile and responsive to market changes while we manage the intricacies of software evolution.

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