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Seeing is believing

Connect your cameras/doorbells to the internet (over Wi-Fi or wired connection) and view live video and audio from them in real time from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone or tablet. You can even playback recordings and change settings.

Clear viewing day or night

IR night vision for clear viewing even in complete darkness. In addition to this the IQBULLET and IQLIGHTCAM feature manual or motion-activated white LEDs for colour images at night.

Smart Life cameras use Smart IR technology to view in complete darkness or light levels lower than the light present on a clear starlit night. The IR LEDs are invisible to the human eye and allow the camera to provide clear night vision when it switches to B/W mode.

The new Colour View camera range from Smart Life has been designed for applications where colour images are required even in low light or complete darkness. These cameras have discreet White LEDs that provide a visible light source, and are equivalent to having an LED floodlight next to the camera. They can be programmed to come on automatically for the whole night or when movement is detected. In addition the white light LEDs can be set to flash when movement is detected so they can be used as a deterrent for unwelcome guests.

Hear and be heard

Intercom function allows speaker and microphone so you can listen to the camera location and talk back.

Motion Detection

Trigger recordings and receive instant alerts on your smartphone or tablet whenever movement is detected.

Colour Nightvision + Active Defence + Integrated Floodlight

In addition to their IR LEDs, the IQBULLET and IQLIGHTCAM have additional white LEDs. Allowing the cameras to be used as floodlights at night, activated either by motion or manually. The cameras also incorporate a siren and when in Active Defence mode will flash their white LEDs and sound the siren whenever motion is detected, scaring off intruders.

Control at your fingertips

The SmartLife app is available for both iOS and Android smart devices. This free app makes setting up your system easy and allows you to view your cameras/doorbells live, playback recordings (from micro SD card and cloud), sign up to cloud services and view multiple cameras together (4 at a time).


Lighting, Sockets and Sensors

Expand your home security by adding security lights, alarms and other smart products that are compatible with the SmartLife app.

LED Security Lights

Lighting and sensors

Alexa and Google Assistant support

Alexa and Google Assistant support lets you view cameras on smart home devices from these two providers.

Record locally or in the cloud

Flexible recording options mean you can record for free on to a micro SD card or to the cloud for a small monthly charge. Cloud recordings are instantly uploaded to a secure cloud, keeping them safe from harm even if the camera or micro SD card are damaged or stolen.

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